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Meet Duncan, your 'elegant' new friend in the parking lot

Meet the Duncan MX.

If you work in Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle, you’re going to be seeing a lot of each other this year.

Duncan is sleek, high tech and in four months’ time he will be swallowing fifty five bucks of your money each working week.

North Sydney-based outfit Reino International have scored the $2.25 million deal to supply the enforcement machines for the unpopular paid parking regime in the national precinct from July this year and the Duncan MX has emerged as the contraption of choice.

Duncan is tough; it’s 316 marine grade stainless steel casing makes it impervious to the parking rage of even the most infuriated public servant, forced to cough up $11 a day after decades of enjoying free parking.

But the machine has a soft side too.


Reino’s marketing material proudly states the MX is an improvement on its predecessor, the tried and tested PSA2000, and that Duncan’s elegant lines make it “less intimidating” than its predecessor.

“The MX utilises the modular components of the PSA, ensuring a high level of reliability and security,” according to the supplier’s blurb.

“The MX design is elegant and less intimidating than the PSA 2000 model.

It’s easy on the eye too, a vital attribute for the National Capital Authority, notoriously picky about the precinct’s aesthetics.

“The aesthetically pleasing, modern design provides additional flexibility for customising the user interface, which improves upon ease of use and customer friendliness,” Reino says.

The PSA2000 has been deployed in more than 70 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand and the new and improved Duncan MX can be configured to take parking fees from credit cards and mobile phones as well as coins.

Reino believes the winning combination has won “acceptance”, if not affection among its many users across the nation.

The supplier did not return phone calls on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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