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Miss Muddy obstacle course puts women through their paces

It appears the recipe to get hundreds of women out of bed early on a Sunday morning is mud, colour, inflatable obstacles and shirtless firemen. 

Miss Muddy women's obstacle course was held for the first time in Canberra on Sunday, with a weaving four-kilometre course around Exhibition Park in Canberra.

Obstacles included wall climbs, crawling mud pits, a foam pit, water slides, an ice bath and a station where pink and purple liquid was shot at participants from canons.

At the end, competitors were rewarded with being hosed off by topless firemen; a giant, inflatable waterslide; and a pink medal.

Friends Shannon White, Georgie Rogers, Jan Redd and Monica Singh left their kids with their partners and did the event as a group for a "ladies' morning out".

Miss Muddy was the first obstacle course event the group had participated in, and they were all glowing once they crossed the finished line - albeit covered head to toe in mud and colour.


 "It was a lot of fun - a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be," Singh said.

"Some of those walls were a bit scary. But it was really supportive actually - everyone was helping each other out. And there were a lot of laughs."

Like other similar events, lines for each obstacle continued to grow throughout the morning, leaving many waiting in lines for longer than they were able to run.

Competitor Sam Hoskings said while she enjoyed the event, she was frustrated by the wait times and the final slide being out of action for a while.

"I think it was a bit clogged up at points, but for the first one here it was pretty good," she said.

"If there was a really long line, we'd skip the obstacle if it was really easy. But the slide fell down when we got to it so we missed out."