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Missing puppy found more than 1000km from home

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A Canberra family have been reunited with their missing puppy after a social media campaign located the hound more than 1000km away from their Isabella Plains home.

Five-month-old Thor had been missing for more than a week before turning up at an Ipswich animal centre, owner Heath Morrison said.

“We were working in the garage at home and had the roller door up,” he said of the April 21 disappearance.

“The angle grinder scared him off, so he went out in the street where someone picked him up… They basically drove back to Queensland with him.”

Mr Morrison said they were particularly concerned about their Staffordshire bull terrier pup, which needs regular acupuncture treatment for nerve damage to his rear legs.

The family launched a social media campaign to find Thor, posting messages and photos on Facebook.


“We thought we’d do what we could to get him back,” he said.

“We posted a lost poster on Facebook, it went to 8000 people sharing it.”

The family’s hard work paid off when a friend of the person who initially took Thor noticed the post online, and got in touch with the Morrisons last week.

While it was only a small clue, Mr Morrison said the tip put the family on the path to finding their pup.

“About 30 seconds later, we were on the phone to the RSPCA,” he said.                

Numerous phone calls eventually led the family to the Ipswich Animal Management and Rehoming Centre, where Thor had been staying.

Mr Morrison said although tracking their puppy down took little more than luck, transporting him home proved far more costly.

“My free dog turned into a $1500 dog,” he said.

“But price was irrelevant.”

Mr Morrison said Thor has been at home for four days, during which time he’s received undivided attention from his sons, 11-year-old Blake and nine-year-old Brenton.