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MLAs clock up $4247 in fines

FIVE ACT MLAs have been fined a combined $4247 for traffic infringements while driving taxpayer-funded cars.

The Sunday Canberra Times can reveal the Liberal and Labor members have accumulated 10 separate speeding and parking offences since the 2008 territory election.

While the MLAs were forced to pay the fines out of their own pockets, the cars driven were provided by the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Documents obtained under freedom of information show Canberra Liberals justice spokeswoman Vicki Dunne was the worst offender, racking up five infringements since January 2010.

The would-be attorney-general was slugged a total of $1827 for two parking and three speeding breaches.

The most recent was in June last year, when Ms Dunne was caught travelling at 89km/h in an 80km/h zone on Hindmarsh Drive.


Ms Dunne has kept a clean sheet for the past 12 months and was penitent about her previous indiscretions.

''There's never an excuse for speeding,'' Ms Dunne said. ''This car is used regularly by myself and my family and when these issues have arisen everyone who uses the car - including myself - is reminded of their responsibility not to exceed the speed limit.''

Alistair Coe was the only other Liberal MLA caught breaking the law.

The ardent critic of fixed speed cameras was clocked travelling at 94km/h in an 80km/h zone on the Federal Highway between Antill Street and Majura Road.

He was fined $745.

Police Minister Simon Corbell was the worst of the Labor MLAs, booked twice for parking violations.

The Attorney-General was fined $255.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has kept a clean slate since becoming leader in May last year.

But Ms Gallagher was not so lucky in 2008, when she was caught 10km/h above the speed-limit in Watson and fined $675.

Children's Minister Joy Burch was also caught speeding in Watson and penalised $745.

The ACT Greens avoided running foul of the law, with the environmentally conscious party forgoing the right to a taxpayer-funded vehicle.