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Moe Westmoreland dominates Canberra Highland Gathering and Scottish Fair at Kambah

The Tartan Warriors came out to see who was the strongest on Saturday, pitting their strength and speed against one another for glory at the Canberra Highland Gathering and Scottish Fair at Kambah.

Moe Westmoreland, of Wentworth Falls, in the Blue Mountains, lifted five boulders ranging in weight from 100 kilograms to 165 kilograms and sprinted the 25 metres between them in just 21 seconds to win the Stones of Manhood contest.

He also won the caber toss, both of which are traditional Scottish events.

It was the fourth time Westmoreland competed at the Canberra event and he said it was getting better every year.

"This is a really family friendly event," he said.

"I brought my wife and my little boy with me."

Westmoreland competes at highland games events around Australia and overseas.

"I have pulled trucks previously in strongman competitions and I got pretty close to the professional level but I changed sports to get into the athletic side more," he said.

The Canberra event included other traditional Scottish events and activities including pipe band competitions, highland dancing, Scottish food and market stalls and Clan displays.