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More than 120 animals rescued from southside property

The RSPCA ACT rescued more than 120 animals from a southside property in Canberra on Tuesday just two weeks after discovering another major hoarding incident in the territory.

RSPCA chief executive officer Tammy Ven Dange said many of the poultry, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice taken from the property were babies or pregnant. 

It's the third hoarding case in less than six months, following the discovery of 90 birds on a Canberra property two weeks ago and more than 160 animals, including roosters, guinea pigs, rabbits, rodents and fish, found in the Belconnen region last year.

"We've had four truckloads of animals in this [Tuesday] afternoon," Ms Ven Dange said.

"It gets to this point where neighbours complain about the smell or sound - it reeks.


"You've got to process all these animals and find space. Imagine all these animals in the shelter at once, it's just crazy."

Ms Ven Dange said staff were working into Tuesday evening to process the animals at the Weston shelter, with extra cages on hand to house all the animals.

She could not confirm if the most recent case would go to court. 

However, she said she wanted a co-ordinated task force introduced to tackle animal hoarding. 

"There are so many groups involved when this happens," she said.

"It might be someone from ACT Housing or a mental health issue. If someone started to show signs...we could try and do something about it before it gets out of control."

Ms Ven Dange said a lack of legislation addressing animal hoarding restricted the RSPCA's ability to nip the problem in the bud.

"There's no legislation against it, not unless there are animal welfare issues - it's frustrating," she said.

"The fact there's no regulations on the number of rabbits someone can have, it gets out of control. There are no regulations on the number of animals someone can own other than dogs and cats.

"By the time we get to it it's usually out of control."

Meanwhile, 20 of the 90 mostly parrots seized two weeks ago were found dead, believed to have died from starvation. 

Ms Ven Dange said a number of parrots were up for adoption, with some "beautiful rabbits" also being prepared for housing.