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More than 1400 washing machines recalled in the ACT: Samsung

Hundreds of washing machines could still pose a fire risk in Canberra, despite a mandatory recall entering its third year. 

Around 200 more dodgy Samsung washing machines have been taken out of circulation in Canberra since November, the global electronics manufacturer reports. 

More than 1400 washing machines at risk of catching fire have now been reworked, exchanged or refunded in the ACT, Samsung Electronics Australia said.

But nearly a third of recalled units in the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania are still at large, without the necessary repair works having been carried out, the company has revealed.

So far, about 73 per cent of affected Australian units have been refunded, exchanged or reworked. 

But only 67.1 per cent of affected units in the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania have been successfully recalled. Figures specific to the ACT are unavailable.


The mandatory recall of six models of top loader washing machines began in 2013 after reports some caught fire and exploded.

Last November, the company said about 1200 units had been resolved in the ACT.

The recalled Samsung top loader washing machine model numbers are:


Anyone impacted by the recall should call 1800 239 655.