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Murder victim Paula Conlon's friend said she was 'crazy' to start relationship with accused killer

A friend of murder victim Paula Conlon told her she was crazy to start a relationship with a man she met at a psychiatric unit, a court has heard.

That man, Aleksander Vojneski, 31, is now on trial in the ACT Supreme Court, accused of stabbing Ms Conlon to death in her Macgregor home in March 2012.

Vojneski met Ms Conlon, a mother of three, at "Ward 2n", a psychiatric unit at Calvary Hospital.

They began a relationship, which the court has heard was volatile and marked by frequent break-ups and reunions.

Ms Conlon was found dead in her bedroom, with 11 stab wounds, including a number that appeared to be defensive.

The Crown has accused Vojneski of the murder, and prosecutor Shane Drumgold is in the process of building a circumstantial case against him.


The fourth day of the Supreme Court trial continued to hear evidence about Vojneski and Ms Conlon's past.

A friend of Ms Conlon spoke about learning that her friend had met someone in the psychiatric unit.

She agreed that she had told Ms Conlon she was "crazy" to start a relationship with someone she'd met in a mental health facility.

She also spoke of an incident in which she said Vojneski locked Ms Conlon out of his Hawker unit with no clothes.

The friend said she was told Vojneski had held Ms Conlon over a balcony and threatened to drop her.

She said she saw bruises on her friend's arms, and under her arm, that she said were consistent with Ms Conlon being held over the balcony.

A police officer who attended the incident later gave evidence Ms Conlon was not found naked, but had a bathrobe or was wearing something similar. 

He said Vojneski had shouted from the apartment and appeared to be angry that Ms Conlon was getting changed near the officers.

He said he did not notice any injuries on Ms Conlon, but was not specifically looking. 

The officer agreed she had not said anything about Vojneski being violent towards her.

The trial continues before Justice John Burns.