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Nail-biter as Rollers meet Brawl Stars in year-ender

There were thrills and spills at the Australian Institute of Sport Saturday  night when Canberra team Vice City Rollers met interstate rivals Northern Brisbane Rollers Brawl Stars in the last local roller derby bout of the year.

The capital players fought hard,  but at half time looked set to be trounced by the Queenslanders.

 Vice City Rollers B team player Amanda Searle, who goes by the derby name Prairie Scorn, said it had been an exciting year for Canberra roller derby.

‘‘It’s been a big year for our travel team but  our home teams as well. We’ve seen a really big skills boost and strategy has become a lot more complicated in our league,’’  she said.

There is no set date for the start of the roller derby season next year, but Ms Searle said it should be up and running by about March.