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Nannas' lessons from school reunion

Biddies' cast of wise, vibrant women will have you feeling as though you have walked into a room of your nanna's friends, only with double the energy and triple the cheek.

The actors play five elderly women who have found themselves at their infants school reunion, where they share confessions, rivalries and teasing for the first time since they left their classroom doors.

After seeing the women rehearse together, it is obvious the stage chemistry is as prevalent as their sense of humour.

The cast includes Maggie Blinco, Annie Byron, Vivienne Garrett, Julie Hudspeth, Donna Lee and Linden Wilkinson. Between them they have graced our screens on Looking for Alibrandi, The Sullivans, McLeod's Daughters and Blue Heelers.

When asked whether they miss the television cameras, Maggie Blinco said: ''When you do a film or television, you do the work and that's it. But theatre is very rewarding, the audience is right there and you get to see them laugh.''

The play opened last night as the budget was released. However, the women were not worried about competing with old politicians for Canberra audiences. ''We're a lot funnier than the budget,'' one said.


The obvious question after observing the women affectionately tease each other was whether they were cast because they had previously worked with one another.

Producer Christine Dunstan said: ''They were cast with the [criteria of the] best actress for the role in mind.''

An added feeling of companionship was just a bonus.

The play is touring across Australia and when asked if there have been any arguments, Blinco replied: ''At the moment we still get on.''

Biddies is playing at The Street Theatre, Childers Street, Acton, until Saturday, at 7.30pm, with a matinee on Saturday at 2pm.