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Narrabundah man jailed for attack on pregnant fiancee

A man who kneed his fiancee in the stomach and told her he hoped her baby died has been jailed for  nine years.  

Michael John Watson, 41, of Narrabundah, was sentenced on Thursday for a range of offences against the woman and her neighbour.

Watson went to the woman's house on the afternoon of December 28 last year, holding a knife over the sleeping victim's knuckles, and threatening to cut off her fingers and kill her.

She ran to a neighbour, but Watson followed, abusing her, holding her against a wall by her throat, and then kneeing her in the stomach.

The owner of the flat intervened, and Watson punched him repeatedly and wrestled with him until police arrived. 

Watson then said: "I hope the baby dies, you s---."


The woman was taken to hospital, where doctors discovered the baby had died a few days earlier.

Watson was later granted bail on a condition he not approach the woman or her neighbour.

But Watson breached his bail and went back to the home in the early hours of the morning on January 8.

He accused the woman of killing their child, and began choking her, threatening to kill her.

He then stood up and put his foot on her throat.

She couldn't breath and thought she was going to die.

In sentencing Watson on Thursday, Acting Justice Stephen Walmsley acknowledged the extreme trauma caused to the victim.

"One can only imagine how terrifying those experiences must have been for her," he said.

He sentenced Watson to nine years imprisonment with a non-parole period of five years.

Watson will not be eligible for parole until January 2019.

He has told the court he cannot remember the crimes because he was drunk.