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No bail for accused heroin trafficker after $26,000 bust

A Dunlop man has been refused bail after being charged with trafficking $26,000 worth of heroin. 

Police described the alleged actions of Van Dam Hoang as those of a middle- to higher-level supplier in the ACT. 

Mr Hoang, 42, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Saturday with dark bruises below his left eye, on his right check and around his right eye, after the injuries – hich police attributed to the time of arrest – led to his bail hearing on Friday being stood down to allow medical attention. 

He was charged with three counts of trafficking heroin after police surveillance on three dates between February 26 and March 12, as well as one charge of resisting arrest. The defendant attempted to punch a plain clothes police officer and continued to "violently resist" after police again identified themselves, before he was taken to the ground and handcuffed, the statement of facts said. 

Court documents said police observed Mr Hoang exchange heroin for cash on February 26 and March 5 in Weetangera. He was arrested after police allegedly saw him supply drugs to another man in the same street on Thursday. The defendant allegedly supplied 128 grams of heroin in total, with the amount increasing on each occasion. 

A search of the Mazda vehicle the defendant had driven found $3250 cash and another $6500 was found in a Hawker property where he had been seen in December, the documents said.


" ... his ability to source the amounts of heroin seized by police indicates that the defendant operates above the level of street dealer, and is at the mid- to upper-level of heroin supply in the ACT," the documents stated.

On Saturday the police informant, Constable Christopher Watson, told the court an investigation into the defendant's relationship with any organised syndicate was ongoing and police feared the defendant would reoffend to recoup the lost money.

Constable Watson said police were also concerned Mr Hoang may be able to interfere with evidence and obstruct the investigation if released.

A lawyer for Mr Hoang said his client had lived in the ACT for 20 years and owned a house here for nine years, and any risk of interference with the investigation was "speculative". 

Magistrate Peter Dingwall refused bail, adjourning the matter to Wednesday.