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No suggestion fatal bike crash was deliberate

Police say there is nothing to suggest a private security car was searching for a cyclist who had been accused of lighting fires in the area two weeks before the pair fatally collided.

Victor Carnovale, 47, was involved in a  collision with a Toyota Prius as he rode his bike across Ainslie Avenue in the early evening of February 11.

He was not wearing a helmet, and was left with serious head and facial injuries. He died this week while in intensive care.

In the two weeks before the crash, Mr Carnovale had been arrested by police twice in the same area.

The first time he was arrested after allegedly lighting a fire on January 30, a day of high temperatures and dry conditions.

He was found by police circling the area on his bike, and officers were later shown where he allegedly attempted to start the fire on Elder Street, near the Braddon Tennis Club.


They charged him with two arson-related offences and he was released on bail.

But Mr Carnovale was taken into custody again the next night, after police could not find him at the Ainslie Avenue address where he was required to stay after his 9pm curfew.

Mr Carnovale was instead found in Braddon by police about 1am, allegedly with a lighter in his pocket.

Police believe that his bike ran into the front of the car as it travelled west along Ainslie Avenue about 6.20pm.

Police are also calling for any witnesses who may have seen the crash to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.