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No supermarket in Braddon: Canberra's first world problems

Alright, we get it. There's nowhere on Lonsdale Street to buy an onion.

As a fellow Braddonite, I've also dealt with this first world problem. Can I be bothered walking to Canberra Centre to get the one ingredient I need for dinner?

But is this the justification one needs to call for a supermarket to be moved in across the road?

Justin Ryan certainly planted the seed in my mind that, hey, maybe we do need an IGA. Why the hell not, right? Braddon has just about everything else.

In fact, within a one-minute walk of my Braddon apartment, I can get my hands on some sourdough, books, alcohol, hipster clothing and I can even buy a second hand car. Soon, I'll be able to get some on-site brewed beer, book a holiday and get my glasses prescription filled too, all within a block of my house.


So why not just give us everything a suburb needs, and throw a supermarket in the mix too?

The response from Canberrans has been swift.

As one person in the office aptly responded to Justin's story: "Just walk to Supabarn, you lazy bastard."

After all, Supabarn and in fact all that the Canberra Centre has to offer, is just a 750 metre walk from the site that Mr Ryan has graffitied his message, at the corner of Mort and Elouera Streets.

And while you're in Canberra Centre, right next to Supabarn, you've got a fruit and veg store, Aldi, chemists, another bakery and pretty much everything else in this one, central spot. Not to mention, there's an IGA over on East Row. And a Handimart over on Lowanna Street, north of Haig Park.

How hard is it, really, to do that 1.5 kilometre round trip to town? To jump on your hipster bike and pedal those gruelling two minutes to Canberra Centre, throwing the essentials in your basket and getting home before the pot of water on the stove has even boiled?

We can all hear the cynics crying out from across Canberra: What more do these entitled, inner-city dwellers need?

I'll admit, it would certainly be handy. And I know a lot of my neighbours would agree.

But considering how horrendous traffic and parking is in Braddon at the moment, the thought of plonking a supermarket in there, and dealing with all those people "just ducking into the shops on the way home" makes me shudder.

And not to mention the potential negative impact on the local, independent businesses that make Braddon the suburb we're all so happy to call home.

We're pretty lucky to have just about everything we need at our doorstep, and even more just a five minute walk into town.

There's definitely some bigger issues out there, and Braddon pretty much has everything. Except an IGA. And that's fine by me.

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