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North side work site shut down over safety breaches

Builders at a construction site in Canberra are expected to work all weekend to fix safety breaches after the work safety authority shut the site down this morning.

Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe said his inspectors were called this morning to the Flemington Road site, where an apartment block is being built, to investigate the safety of a concrete pour.

But Mr McCabe said that a “whole stack” of other safety problems were discovered and the site was shut down.

“There was issues with the pour on the first floor of the apartment block, issues with floor protection and aces to that level,” Mr McCabe said.

“There was only single person access to the floor and if something went wrong, if someone had to be stretchered down, they would have had extreme difficulty.

“That’s bad enough, but when our inspector went there he found a whole stack of issues, issues with the use of cranes, issues with floor protection.

“There was a wide range of safety issues right across the site.”