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On a global scale this picture is No. 1

The winning entry of this year's Canberra Times summer photo competition was taken just as Pat Gallagher's camera batteries were dying.

The 48-year-old from Kaleen said he didn't realise the batteries were running low when he drove down to Regatta Point last December.

''I'd just bought myself a new lens for Christmas, and I wanted to get the sunset. But when I got there the camera was about to die, so I quickly captured the sun peeking out from behind the globe,'' he said. The Captain Cook Memorial Globe has sat on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin since 1970.

Mr Gallagher said he was surprised with the way the photo turned out. ''As I drove home, I saw this beautiful, vivid red sunset and was disappointed because I thought I had missed my opportunity,'' he said. ''But the photo that I got came up quite nicely.''

Mr Gallagher used a Canon 7D to create the striking image, which is a series of three photographs edited together to create a high dynamic range photo.

''Summer in Canberra you tend to get fairly spectacular skies, you get the storm clouds suddenly brewing and the summer showers, so that's why I was trying to get the more brooding cloud as the sun peaked over the globe,' he said.

The Parliament House TV cameraman and hobby photographer won $500 for the winning entry. Alice Brown was second and won $300 for her picture of her friend floating in a pool, and Gus Armstrong scooped up third prize honours and $200 for his waterslide photo.

The Canberra Times received more than 1000 competition entries.

''I was quite surprised when I found out I won because I had seen what I was up against,'' Mr Gallagher said. ''Many of the entries were really good.''