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Page incomes the closest to the Australian median

The figures on Page residents' payslips are the closest in the ACT to the median incomes of the wider country, latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals.

The Belconnen suburb was identified in the personal income estimates figures from 2012-13 as the ACT region most closely resembling Australia's income profile.

Released last week, the statistics show the median age of workers in Page was 42, the same as the national figure, while the median income was slightly higher at $47,308.

The Australian median income during that financial year was $44,490, while its average was $58,389.

Neighbouring Scullin most closely resembled the national average, with its 1623 workers taking home a mean $58,264.

Page's was lower, at just $54,435. However, Scullin was outside the national profile for median age, with its workers two years younger than the overall Australian figure.


The ACT's median and average incomes were far higher than the Australian equivalent, at $58,613 and $67,725 respectively, while workers' median age was a year younger.

The higher territory figures pushed Page and Scullin to two of the lowest earning suburbs in the city, joining other parts of the Belconnen region.

However, the territory is still the country's most income equitable jurisdiction, despite a $30,000 difference in average incomes between Belconnen and the inner south.

Nationally, the closest region to Australia's median was Beacon Hill-Narraweena on Sydney's upper north shore with $44,934, followed by Berwick on the south-eastern outskirts of Melbourne, West Beach in Adelaide and Bellrive-Rosny in greater Hobart.

According to ABS Regional Statistics National Centre director Lisa Conolly the data, which was broken down in suburban statistical areas, was designed to present sources of income found by Australians.

"It offers an array of indicators which show how this income is distributed between and within regions," she said.

"These indicators can also be used to compare regions, for example two neighbouring councils or a smaller region with its parent state or Australia."

As a primarily residential suburb with only a handful of shops, most Page residents' income comes from outside the area.

Much of the work in Page is charitable, with churches and the Belconnen Men's Shed based in the suburb.

"We're heavily involved in the community outside the Men's Shed; we help out with a lot of volunteer works," Belconnen Men's Shed manager Gordon Cooper said.