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Party wants us all aboard the bullet

Mainstream political parties be warned; there's a political freight train heading your way and you'd better get on board.

The Bullet Train for Canberra Party is off and running and they say they won't stop until they see Sydney and Canberra linked by very fast rail.

The party, which grew from a Facebook page, will contest all three electorates on October 20 and is realistic about its chances in the poll but spokesman Mark Erwood, who will stand in Brindabella, says there is a broader purpose to contesting the election as a single issue outfit.

''This is part of what we see as a broader campaign … because public opinion and people getting behind the bullet train is probably what's going to make it happen in the end,'' Mr Erwood said.

''In the past there have had investors prepared to put money into a bullet train, we've had politicians ready to sign off on it, but it's never gained the momentum to get it over the line.

''But we've got all sections of the community behind this now, you have business people, environmentalists and people who just want to get to Sydney in 57 minutes.

''It appeals to people more now than ever before.''

Bullet Train has signalled it means business, taking out TV slots in both the NRL and AFL grand finals last month and there is more to come, they say, paid for by online fund-raising drives.

Molonglo candidate and the driving force behind Bullet Train's online presence, Tim Bohm, said anyone who travelled on a very fast train became an instant enthusiast.

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