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'Patriots' president locked up in NSW

The local president of a "patriots" group accused of racially abusing a man near an Islamic centre on Monday has been locked up on separate offences after a NSW police raid of his property.

Aaron Raymond Dudeck, 21, was accused in the ACT Magistrates Court of monitoring the activities of the Canberra Islamic Centre on Monday night, trying to determine whether it was acting as a mosque or library.

Dudeck, also known as Aaron Hudson, allegedly spat on a man and hurled religious and racial abuse at him after the pair were involved in a car crash. 

He is accused of overtaking the man as he came out of the centre's car park, later slamming on his brakes,  then abusing the man for the rear-ender.

He has pleaded not guilty to common assault and driving while disqualified, but guilty to offensive behaviour.

Police believe Dudeck is the president of the ACT branch of the Patriots Defence League, an organisation that says it is committed to upholding the Australian "way of life".


He was released on bail by the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday, despite fears that he had access to guns at his property and posed a risk to "unknown persons".

Dudeck also had a significant criminal history in multiple states, and had failed to appear or breached court orders numerous times.

NSW police raided his property after his release on bail in the ACT on Thursday. 

Dudeck was already facing two firearms offences in NSW.

He was brought back to Queanbeyan Local Court on Friday, and charged over an incident on December 13, in which he allegedly sent a threatening text to his former boss. 

It is alleged Dudeck sent a picture of a bullet-riddled car and another of him holding a rifle, with the words "your truck will look good like this".

Prosecutor Anthony Strik opposed Dudeck's release on bail, saying he had clearly flouted the law.

Mr Strik said police had only recently seized weapons from Dudeck and charged him with the firearms offences.

Dudeck's lawyer applied to suppress details of the case, saying her client feared for his safety due to media coverage of his alleged racial abuse near the Canberra Islamic Centre. 

Magistrate Christopher Bone rejected that application, and denied Dudeck bail. 

Speaking after the court proceedings, Inspector Scott Tozer said: "The court reached a sensible conclusion based on his criminal record."

Dudeck will reappear in court at a later date.