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Peak pollen season could spell trouble for Canberra's solar panel owners

Spring has sprung.

And with it comes the peak pollen season and a warning that Canberrans who own rooftop solar panels need to stay vigilant about cleaning them, an Australian National University expert says.

Professor Simon Haberle, who runs airborne pollen monitoring website Canberra Pollen, said the peak season for was underway with the start of spring.

He said a green haze in the air seen last week around Corin Forest was likely pollen being released from cypress and pine trees, a key sign the season had begun.

"At the moment we've just come into peak season, so it's not surprising people have seen clouds of green or yellow pollen blowing off the pines and cypress trees," he said.

"You'll also often see the footpaths near these trees with the pollen marking the ground, which is really abundant at the moment."


Professor Haberle said that while some people might have a reaction to the pine and cypruss pollen, it was not as significant as when grasses began releasing pollen, causing the hay fever season in a few weeks.

"But it could be significant for people with solar panels, if you get them too dusty with the season, often they won't work as well, so it's important to keep them clean," he said.

"The pine and cypress pollen also isn't just a problem near the forest, because of the nature of Canberra's public trees, the pollen can be all through the city, especially near some of the city's green strips.

"So it doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing because these trees are everywhere, and it should last another three or four weeks before the grasses start."