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Plans for another Braddon apartment block

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Plans for a $9 million apartment block in Braddon have been lodged with the ACT Planning and Land Authority as development begins to ramp up on nearby Lonsdale Street.

The development application submitted by PKT Group Pty Ltd outlined the redevelopment of 43 and 45 Torrens Street, involving the demolition of existing buildings and construction of a five storey mixed use space.

If approved, the development would include 48 residential units across four floors. This would consist of 30 one bedroom apartments, five “one bedroom adaptable” apartments, 12 two bedroom apartments, and a single three bedroom and study apartment.

The ground floor would also accommodate 764 metre square of non-retail commercial space, while basement parking would provide space for 90 cars.

PKT Group Pty Ltd had previously gained approval for a slightly larger six storey development on the site in May 2010, but director Zdravko Tokic said these were altered after the introduction of the change of use charge.

If approved, he said the development would require up to four months of pre sales before launching into approximately 14 months of construction.


Developers hosted a meeting with the North Canberra Community Council in February, where issues such as height and amenity were discussed.

The minutes from the meeting stated the plans were “well received” overall, but council president Leon Arundel said the general approval came after a variety of issues were raised regarding overshadowing and image.

“We did have some concerns about it,” he said.

Meanwhile, demolition has begun on Lonsdale Street to make way for a residential and commercial development labelled Alluvion on Lonsdale.

B&T Construction director Nick Bulum said the mixed use project would take 18 months to complete, at which point work would begin on the Palko development the opposite side of the street.