Jorian Gardner.

Jorian Gardner. Photo: Marina Neil

A Canberra radio host has been banned from the airwaves by his employer after an on-air joke this morning about "upskirting" the Prime Minister.

Radio 2CCs Jorian Gardner has been silenced for at least a week by station management after suggesting during the station's morning show that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy should wear a "penis cam" during cabinet meetings so that he could film up the skirt of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Gardner and breakfast show host Mark Parton were pursuing the theme of a story in today's Canberra Times about the police union calling for "lapel cams" for Canberra's police uniforms when the former arts promoter and blogger, who is also the station's news director, made his remarks.

The Canberra Times understands the station imposed the on-air ban after a heated discussion this morning between Gardner, Parton and 2CC program director Pete Davidson.

"He has certainly breached the commercial radio codes of practice as far as decency codes are concerned," Davidson said.

"We wanted to send a message to Jorian that it's not acceptable.

"We've decided that from our point of view we needed to take this action.

"It's not a long suspension, but we needed to send the message that this wouldn't be tolerated."

The host, who is not stranger to controversy, acknowledged his remarks were inappropriate but said they were insignificant compared with other recent high-profile on-air radio incidents.

"I acknowledge that the jokes this morning were inappropriate and I apologise to anyone who may have been offended, but think it is a massive over-reaction from management to suspend my on-air commitments until further notice," he said.

"This is the same type of ban imposed on Kyle Sandilands when he interviewed a 14 year old girl about her sexual experiences - only to find out she had been raped.

"I hardly think a bad-taste joke about Julia Gillard and Stephen Conroy is really in the same league."