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Police investigate possible bikie links to two shootings in Canberra's south

Police believe two shootings in Canberra's south on Sunday morning were targeted and calculated attacks, with detectives investigating possible links to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

According to police, seven bullets were fired into a car parked on Nina Jones Crescent in Chisholm and five rounds were fired into another car parked near Kellick Place in Gordon.

The shootings come just one week after three bullets were fired into a Gowrie property, although police do not believe that incident is related at this stage.

Detective Superintendent Paul Shakeshaft said the shootings were "not pleasing" but stressed residents should not be concerned for their safety.

"This is not the gun crime capital of Australia and these types of incidents are few and far between," he said.

"These are targeted incidents and not random attacks, so members of the public do not have to be fearful of the fact they may be a victim of a shooting like this."


Detective Shakeshaft said police would investigate whether the incidents were related to the criminal drug trade or bikie gangs

"We will get on top of [this]," he said. 

"The Canberra community is relatively small and there may well be links to OMCGs (outlaw criminal motorcycle gangs) and we will of course work together with our Taskforce Nemesis just to determine whether or not any such links exist.

"We have, as part of our investigation [and] particularly in relation to the Gowrie incident, executed a number of search warrants in relation to that investigation and during those search warrants drugs were found amongst other things."

Police have reportedly identified a number of suspects related to the Chisholm and Gordon shootings who are assisting with inquiries and making statements.

"We are reasonably confident that both incidents are connected and that they were targeted activities," Detective Shakeshaft said. 

"This was not a random act, it was specifically targeted.

"The vehicles involved, which were struck by rounds, have been taken by forensic services and are being examined and from that we will be get information such as what type of firearms were used and what calibre."

After the shooting in Gowrie, police seized drugs, ammunition and a replica firearm in a series of raids in Florey, Cook and Richardson.

Three people inside the home escaped injury after bullets were fired into the front of the Dalziel Street house about 2.30am, with one passing through the living room window.  

"That incident in Gowrie was also a targeted incident, and that investigation has been well underway for the past week and we are making some progress with that," Detective Shakeshaft said.

He said police were "always concerned when firearms are used as it poses a significant threat to somebody", but stressed there were relatively few firearm offences in the ACT. 

"As to whether this incident this incident overnight poses a threat as a long-term concern, I would have to say no," he said.  

"In fact, we've seen a rapid decline of some 40 odd per cent over the last five years for offences involving a firearm, so relatively speaking it's quite low."

Detective Shakeshaft said officers had been knocking on doors in the nearby streets and hoped to talk to anyone who saw the shootings.

"Much of policing jobs is reliant on members of the community to assist us and it's no different in this case," he said.

Police have encouraged anyone with information related to the shootings to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and stress that information can be provided anonymously.