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Police investigate threats against Sydney surgeon who bashed ex-girlfriend's dog

Police are investigating threats against a Sydney surgeon who was sentenced last week for beating his former girlfriend's pet dog.

Nicolas Oddone, 40, was given a two-year good behaviour bond and fined $5000 on Thursday after he was found guilty last month of one count of animal cruelty.

He was also ordered by the Downing Centre Local Court to pay more than $15,000 vet bills for Prinny, owned by the woman he was dating, after he severely beat the papillon at a Woolwich unit in June last year.

"There have been threats and the matter is being dealt with by police," Oddone said on Saturday.

He did not elaborate on the nature of the threats.

However, it is understood police are investigating information two members of an unspecified motorcycle gang obtained firearms on Friday for the purpose of threatening or harming Oddone.

There is no suggestion Oddone's former girlfriend was involved in making the threats.

The bashing broke more than a dozen of the dog's ribs. The 3kg dog also suffered a collapsed lung, internal bleeding and muscle damage, according to documents tendered by the RSPCA.