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Police on alert as the Rebels roll in

A MOTORCYCLIST fractured his arm as more than 500 damp bikers from the Rebels Motorcycle Club rolled into the nation's capital yesterday.

The 60-year-old man was taken to the Canberra Hospital after coming off his motorcycle near the AFP Complex on Majura Road, while a second man was also treated for injuries.

In Canberra yesterday, an ACT Policing spokesman said the 2012 Nation Run went smoothly except for the one accident. The Rebels riders were dressed in the clubs colours and motif - a distinctive Confederate flag with a skull wearing a cap - for the run.

The roar of the motorcycle engines could be heard a full minute before they were seen.

''We facilitated the riders from the border to Fyshwick,'' the policing spokesman said.

Fyshwick is where the Rebels' ACT headquarters is located.


''It's a private event and we'll continue to monitor it … we've got resources in place tonight.''

Drivers were warned to expect traffic delays around the area yesterday and police closed the eastbound lanes on Majura Road to other traffic at about 3pm as the convoy arrived.

It is unclear when the bikers will leave the capital, what route they will take out of the city and where exactly they are headed after this weekend but it's been more than three years since the capital last hosted a large number of Rebels members.

Up to 800 bikers, including members of the Rebels Motorcycle Club, flooded Canberra to attend the funeral of Richard ''Rebel Rick'' Roberts in March 2009.

Special Response and Security team officers from ACT Policing were on standby for the weekend, which also included a Bike 'N' Tattoo show.