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Police pursuit reached 180km/h, almost hit road workers

A young man has been denied bail over his alleged involvement in an 180km/h cross-border police chase that put road workers in danger last year.

Nathan Brian Stretton, 20, was still serving three suspended sentences imposed by the ACT Supreme Court when he allegedly took part in the dangerous pursuit in June.

Stretton was allegedly in the passenger seat of a stolen Volkswagen that police began pursuing in Queanbeyan.

The chase, according to court documents, reached speeds of 180km/h in an 80km/h zone, and forced one road worker to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

The stolen car eventually lost control on Duggan Street in Calwell, hitting a median strip and mounting a kerb.

Its front end dug into the dirt, and Stretton and the driver allegedly got out and ran.


Stretton was arrested while allegedly trying to jump a fence.

Police say number plates from another stolen car, taken on the same morning, were on the Volkswagon.

Stretton was eventually released on bail in August, on the sole condition he reside at an address in Bredbo, NSW, where he would supposedly be away from bad influences.

But he again came to police attention in the ACT in November. 

Officers were watching a black Holden Commodore with stolen plates outside Bonython.

They watched Stretton get into the front driver's seat, while another man sat beside him.

Police approached the car, and told the men to get out.

They refused, and police say they were forced to smash the front passenger window to unlock the door.

A sawn-off bolt-action .22 rifle was allegedly found between the front passenger seat and centre console.

Stretton appeared before Magistrate Maria Doogan on Tuesday for a bail application.

Prosecutors opposed his release, arguing he was likely to reoffend.

Ms Doogan agreed, saying the court could not have "any faith" in Stretton's ability to abide by bail conditions.

"Anyone who is on three suspended sentences in the ACT Supreme Court... should be very scrupulous about how they behave," Ms Doogan said.

Stretton is expected to return to court for a hearing of some of the charges early next month.