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Police raid Qbn home in drug bust

A Queanbeyan home was raided as part of a nationwide drug bust this week, which saw authorities uncover precursors to the drug fantasy, ecstasy and guns and ammunition.

The operation was sparked by the discovery of a package from China sent to an address in Brisbane containing a clear liquid.

Testing later found the liquid was gammabutyrolacetone, a precursor to GHB.

Authorities say they discovered 12 kilograms of the liquid, which would have attracted a street value of up to $75,000. It was addressed to a 19-year-old Brisbane woman, leading Queensland Police to raid a tattoo parlour and residential premises on Thursday.

The teenager was arrested at the Brisbane tattoo parlour, with police also seizing drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The Australian Federal Police also raided a property at Queanbeyan on Wednesday in connection with the investigation.

No arrests were made.