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Police shut part of Kingston's Wentworth Avenue after suspicious package found

Two suspicious backpacks found outside Canberra's Lockheed Martin building closed down part of Kingston Tuesday night before being found to contain only a large number of iced coffee containers.

Police reopened part of Wentworth Avenue about 9pm after it was closed earlier on Tuesday night after the suspicious packages were found near the building's entrance.

ACT Policing's bomb response team on the scene.
ACT Policing's bomb response team on the scene. Photo: Melissa Adams

A police bomb squad  was on the scene to assess the situation.

However, police said later the suspicious packages, revealed to be several backpacks, and a number of iced coffee containers found inside one of the bags, had been found to be safe.

The backpacks that raised alarm.
The backpacks that raised alarm. Photo: Melissa Adams

Woden Police Sergeant David Perry said investigations were continuing but the containers were not hazardous.

"The bomb technicians have been called and examined the packages and found them to be non-hazardous," he said.


"A number of streets were blocked off while they were examined. Investigations are continuing."

Sergeant Perry said the operation was standard procedure and police "treat all suspicious items very carefully".

Police block off traffic.
Police block off traffic. Photo: Melissa Adams

The eastbound lane of Wentworth avenue had been closed to traffic between Eyre Street and Dawes Street.

Police near the Lockheed Martin building in Kingston.
Police near the Lockheed Martin building in Kingston. Photo: Melissa Adams