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Preferences vital for second seat

The Animal Justice Party which has first place on the ACT Senate ballot paper - earning the so-called donkey vote - is directing its preferences to the Liberal Party ahead of the Greens.

However the Greens will benefit from preferences from most of the other minor parties. The quota to win one of the two ACT Senate places is one third of the vote.

The Labor Party will win a Senate seat on primary votes, focusing attention on whether the minor parties direct their preferences to the Liberal Party or the Greens.

The Animal Justice Party's group voting ticket lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission shows preferences would go to the Stable Population Party, and further down, to the Labor and Liberal Parties and lastly, the Greens.

It has put the Greens last in retaliation against ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury, the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, who authorised the cull of about 1450 kangaroos recently to protect rare grasslands from overgrazing.

The Rise Up Australia Party is directing its preferences to the Liberals ahead of the Greens.


The Stable Population Party has three tickets, two with preferences for the Greens, one for the Liberals.

The other minor parties directing preferences to the Greens over the Liberal Party are Katter's Australian Party, Bullet Train for Australia, Drug Law Reform, Sex Party, Voluntary Euthanasia Party, Palmer United Party and Australian Independents. The Greens would also benefit from surplus preferences from Labor.

The Animal Justice Party's lead Senate candidate is Marcus Fillinger, a trained military marksman who uses a dart gun to tranquilise kangaroos that require relocation.

He said on Friday some of his party's electoral signs had been defaced, to have them claim a vote for his party was effectively a vote for the Liberal Party.

''This is something that will be pursued through the Australian Electoral Commission as well as potential legal action,'' he said.

Mr Fillinger confirmed the Greens had been put last on the how-to-vote ticket because of the roo cull.