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Premier learning experience

THE Australian National University (ANU) is one of Australia's premier universities and ranks among the very best in the world. It was created by Federal Parliament in 1946 to drive the nation forward and advance Australia's international standing through research and education of the highest quality.

ANU is distinctive because of its national mission, international focus and impressive record of success in research and education for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Its leading researchers drive the university's educational programs and shape its learning experience.

Because most of the university's academic staff is highly research-active, ANU provides an environment where research and education sit side by side; what is researched is also taught.

The university offers hundreds of degree programs at the undergraduate level which cater to a broad range of interests and professions.

Students can apply their minds to a diverse range of study fields ranging from archaeology to astronomy, creative arts to computing, economics to experimental physics, and science communication to sociology.


Some examples of the degree programs on offer at the ANU:

Arts and social sciences

ANU offers specialist programs in the fields of arts and social sciences, engineering and computing, and business and economics. Disciplines in arts and social sciences cover both traditional and contemporary cross-disciplinary fields and range from anthropology to art and languages to music. Programs are designed to promote original thinking and lifelong skills in communication, criticism and analysis.

Business and economics

Programs in business and economics at ANU are renowned for their international relevance and can take graduates anywhere in the world. With a focus on world-class research and teaching, programs cover the fields of accounting, actuarial studies, economics, finance and international business.


An ANU computing degree provides excellent career prospects and can be combined with many other ANU degrees. Degree programs cover software engineering, computer science, advanced computing and information technology. Research covers some of the most dynamic developments of today and future technologies, including artificial intelligence, human-centred computing, face-tracking technology and logic and computation.

You can find out more about these exciting study areas and get a better insight into everything that ANU has to offer at its 2012 Student Advisory Session.

Representatives from every teaching area will be on hand to provide you with detailed course advice and ideas for study options.

You will also meet the researchers and educators who will shape your learning experience.

This is your chance to answer any questions about your university preferences, as well as learn more about ANU accommodation, exchange programs, clubs and societies on campus and the support services the university offers to all students.

Come and see how you can apply your mind at Australia's most influential university.

The 2012 Student Advisory Session takes place today from 10am to 3pm in Melville Hall (Building 12).

■ For more information, phone 6125 5594 or visit