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Presidential election result proves there's more than meets the eye

IT'S OVER, and the good guy won. But more importantly, last week's column was completely right! OK, gloating over - but I want to answer some questions I've received regarding the electoral process and fill you in on some results you may have missed.

■ I don't know why they schedule the vote on a Tuesday. I agree it makes no sense because it makes it tough for some people to cast their ballot. If you live in Florida, whatever day they hold the vote the Republican Governor would make it tough for some people to cast their ballot. And by ''some people'', I mean Democrats.

■ No, there was no sausage sizzle at my polling place or any polling place. For two reasons: One - Americans don't do sausages like you do. The tube of beef and white bread are the two food groups I miss most living here. Along with potato cakes. Two - polling booths are at random places - not at local schools because children are there learning. My polling place was a country club reception room. But it could have been a laundromat, a car dealership, a church or someone's den. I'm not kidding. Voting here, based on my very limited experience, is not a festival. It's a dour, solemn affair because if you've chosen to show up, you mean business. Remember, voting is not compulsory.

■ Yes, the measure forcing porn stars to wear condoms in LA county passed. I voted no because art should not be interfered with by government. Plus, who's going to actually enforce it? Useless waste of taxpayer money.

■ No, California - widely considered the most liberal state in the Union - did not repeal the death penalty. It wasn't close. We did agree to modify the ''three strikes'' law (three criminal convictions and it's automatic life in prison), so now your third conviction needs to be a violent crime, not shoplifting, but the death penalty remains.

■ No, the election result doesn't mean things will be much different in Washington. Essentially, everything stayed the same. But second terms are a funny thing. The man in charge does not have an election to worry about in the future so Barack Obama can be a bit more of a loose cannon, which hopefully means he'll grow a stronger backbone when dealing with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The voters are screaming for some bipartisanship. Let's see if anyone is listening.

■ Yes, Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate. A man so focused on getting the job, he completely lost sight of what the job required - principles. But the election also revealed the Republicans are losing touch with the changing electorate, ie increased Hispanic, black, Asian and female vote. Theirs is the party of the white guy and that is a shrinking demographic.

■ Interesting and true fact: There has not been a Republican presidential win without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket since 1928. Read my lips - Jeb Bush 2016.

Tim is a writer, TV producer and proud former Canberra resident who has lived in Los Angeles since 1997. Twitter @timschildberger