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Prisoner denies seizure injury

The alleged victim of a jailhouse bashing has denied his injuries were caused by an epileptic seizure.

Shane Cringle appeared before the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday on a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The 26-year-old prisoner has pleaded not guilty.

Cringle is accused of attacking the alleged victim during free time after lunch in the remand section of the Alexander Maconochie Centre in October 2011.

The court heard the alleged victim was sitting on his bunk, rolling a cigarette when he was kicked in the face.

The complainant said he fell to the floor and rolled into a ball to shield himself from further blows.


He had cuts and bruising to his face, back and shoulder when he was discovered on the floor of his cell by a prison guard soon after.

The alleged victim told prison officers he did not see the assailant, only that he was wearing white sneakers.

Prison officers allegedly found a pair of white shoes matching the description in Cringle's cell on the same afternoon.

The shoes were tendered as evidence on Wednesday.

The complainant told the court he could not remember if anything was said at the time of the alleged assault.

But his statement to police said he was told after the incident, "that will teach you to dog and touch kids".

He told the court that he knew what both accusations meant but denied them.

Defence barrister Alyn Doig questioned the alleged victim about his epilepsy.

The man told the court he suffered memory loss when he had a seizure.

During cross-examination, Mr Doig suggested the complainant had suffered an epileptic fit and was not actually assaulted.

But the complainant denied the allegation.

"The difference between having a seizure and copping a f-----g hiding is quite different," he said.

He described the feeling after a seizure as like cramping in every muscle in his body.

The trial before Justice John Burns continues on Thursday.