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Pulling together

Once upon a time - and when I start with that you know I'm delving back into the past century - the first thing we turned to in The Canberra Times was the BDs and Ms. The births deaths and marriages were essential reading and you know you're getting older when the deaths have more significance than the births and marriages.

One death recently brought a rush of wonderful memories of three little girls on the steps of Old Parliament House presenting flowers to a group of famous bike riders. That time was also the pivotal point in my experience of breast cancer with an aunt who was dying. When you're little, you accept things because you don't understand them. We've come a long way with cancer but, of course, not far enough so anything that raises awareness and money to promote healthy living and fund world's best practice in research is high on my list of priorities.

The Dragons Abreast is the best example of women getting on with life after breast cancer and, more importantly, supporting each other, as women know how to do. On the 2012 Dragons Abreast National Paddle Day at Lotus Bay the girls were out in their distinctive uniforms, the cakes and slices set up with the buns and scones, the cuppas ready and the merchandise arranged as they welcomed Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, Shane ''Legs'' Rattenbury, Alistair Coe and Brendan Smyth, who all know how important this group is to the health and wellbeing of cancer survivors.

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