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Queanbeyan's family-friendly multicultural festival Carnivale to feature plenty of colour and culture

Following the National Multicultural Festival in Canberra, Queanbeyan will put on its own family-friendly, village-esque Carnivale this weekend.

The Queanbeyan multicultural festival will be held at Lowe Park on Sunday from 10am to 4pm. 

Organiser John Gunn said the location made the event memorable.

"This is the best park of all of them," he said.

"You've got beautiful shade, it's one of the oldest parks, and it has just got a good feeling. 


"People sit under the trees and spend all day here."

The festival will be set up as a market with a village atmosphere. The stage will be engulfed in colours and flags and surrounded by a variety of food stalls.

Part of the celebrations will include traditional dancers taking the stage, including groups from the Macedonian community.

KUD Razigrana Makedonka secretary Ana Sikoska said she was proud to be involved with the event, to showcase the traditional culture and dance of Macedonia.

"The generation that has lived and grown up overseas like my parents, they were obviously immersed in this kind of stuff, having lived in the country," she said.

"Whereas the generation like me, who has grown up in Australia ... just being able to dress up in the traditional costumes that our grandparents and our great grandparents have worn is just a really good experience to be able to know our culture."

Ms Sikoska said the Macedonian community came together once a week in Queanbeyan and in the lead-up to the festival would prepare traditional food to sell. The Macedonian food on offer would include the sausage-like kebapi, the croissant-style kifli and other treats like baklava.

Carnivale, the first in a series of events run by Queanbeyan Multilingual Centre, will be followed by festivals in Goulburn, Cooma and Bega.