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Canberra Times readers winter photo competition.

"Mount Franklin Frolic" Photo: Warren Whitnall

  • "Mount Franklin Frolic"
  • Morning Run -  I was running from Queanbeyan to Civic. As I was passing the Boat House Restaurant I stopped to take this photo with my iPhone.
  • Avalon. Bird landing on a tree on spinnaker island on one of the first foggy mornings of winter.
  • Winter on the lake. The morning sun touched the bare winter trees on Aspen Island for just a brief moment.
  • Pryors Hut. Winter snow blankets the hut in Namadgi National Park.
  • ?Rosellas at sunset wintery day two?.

Warren Whitnall, a retired optometrist from Campbell, has been taking photos for more than 60 years. He took his first shots with a 1921 folding camera his father had brought back from India. He would hold the negatives up to the light backed with blue print paper so he could see the images, because getting them developed was expensive.

A keen cross-country skier and bushwalker, Mr Whitnall has now gone digital, and captured the shot titled Mount Franklin Frolic, pictured above, just above the Canberra Alpine Club chalet, which was burnt out in 2003. He said the young people were playing around when he noticed the dry, powdery snow was hanging in the air. He asked them to throw it up high, then captured the moment.

Enthusiastic photographers are invited to enter a winter moment in or near Canberra for a chance to win a share of $1000 in prize money. First prize will earn $500, second prize is $350 and third $150. Selected entries will be published over the coming weeks in The Canberra Times and online at The three winning entries will be revealed in the newspaper on Friday, September 7. Send your best shots, as attached jpeg files, to

Entries must include your name, address, phone number, as well as a photo title, a brief description and the date the photograph was taken. Photos must be a minimum of 150 kilobytes and a maximum of one megabyte. A maximum of three photos per person may be entered. The competition closes at 4pm on Friday, August 31.