Parking ticket on a car.

Figures show the Parliamentary Triangle has been a bonanza for parking inspectors. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

The mysterious owner of a Subaru has notched up a record only Canberrans would appreciate.

No less than 41 parking fines in the parliamentary triangle have been slapped on the car's windscreen or sent to the owner's letterbox in the past 18 months, the ACT government says.

The car's owner also has a reason to take a bow: all 41 fines have been paid.

The triangle has been known as a treacherous place for drivers seeking a legal place to leave their vehicle while they rush to a meeting that usually runs longer than anticipated.

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For privacy reasons, the Justice and Community Safety Directorate would reveal neither what model Subaru it was nor the car's age.

But Subarus tend to be family cars and it could be assumed parking inspectors know it well as it racked up, on average, a fine a fortnight.

It is unknown whether the car had the same driver every time it was fined but it can safely be estimated the car has attracted thousands of dollars worth of fines in the parliamentary triangle.

The triangle, which takes in parts of Barton, Civic and Russell, has been a bonanza for parking inspectors. A total of $982,312 was collected in the past 18 months and the number of fines dished out was a numerically unsettling 11,111.

The most common reasons for fines included parking too long (2702), parking without a valid ticket (2179), stopping in a government permit zone (2019) and disobeying a no-parking sign (511).

The ACT is preparing the rollout of new pay-and-display ticket machines that includes new payment options of credit card and pay-by-phone facilities across the ACT. Installation of the new machines is expected to start at the end of this month.

The machines will be supported by a central management system that will report faults immediately.