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Record setting burn out the culmination of six months' work

At ground level the noise and the smoke of 69 cars doing a burnout was something those who attended will never forget.

But it's from the sky that the Summernats world record from January 4 looks the most impressive.

In a video package just released to celebrate the simultaneous destruction of 138 tyres at Exhibition Park in Canberra - which set a Guinness World Record - vast, billowing and colourful smoke covers the area during and for long after the 30 seconds of burnouts finished.

Event organiser Andy Lopez said the experience was unforgettable and the culmination of six months' work.

"At ground level it was just unbelievable. The noise, the smoke, how quickly it erupted, it was just amazing. It's hard to put it into words," Mr Lopez said.

The world record was a new one, so Guinness set a target of 50, which was comfortably smashed by the 69 cars.

The coloured pink, orange and red smoke was a byproduct of specially made burnout tyres. The smoke could be seen from the other side of Canberra.

After receiving a certificate from Guinness World Records on the day, Summernats organisers now have their fingers crossed that they'll make the cut and be included in next year's edition of the iconic book.

Mr Lopez planning was underway for "a few new special things", but another world record burnout wouldn't be among them.