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'Repeatedly, methodically, hour-upon-hour': Woman raped until it became a 'blur'

A man brutally and repeatedly raped his former partner in her own home in an ice-fuelled rage, a court has heard.

"I'm going to stay here all day and I'm going to rape you until you can't move," the man told the woman.

In the hours before he turned up uninvited to the Stirling home at about 5.30am on July 14, 2015, court documents say the man had spent 30 minutes at an Anytime Fitness trying to masturbate in between using gym equipment.

Prosecutors said the CCTV footage, which also showed the man unable to sexually gratify himself, offered a window into what the victim had experienced during the two-and-a-half hour attack later that morning.

The attack ended when she was able to secretly call a friend, who immediately called police, the court heard.

At the 38-year-old's sentencing hearing in the ACT Supreme Court on Friday the woman looked him in the eye as she read out loud a victim impact statement.


She told him she was a shell of her former self.

"I was strong, independent and willing to make an effort. I was raped, not once, not twice but so many times and in so many ways that it all becomes a blur.

"Raped repeatedly, methodically, hour-upon-hour with my only reprieve from this torturous rape being the fleeting moments between unimaginable rape and unthinkable beatings forced upon me."

She said she believed he would have killed her if he hadn't been interrupted. She still feared the threats he made that day and feared the day he was released.

She took medication to stay "relatively sane", she said.

"I live as a corpse with no visible future to live for. What I experienced was looking into the eyes of Satan himself."

He wiped away tears when she had finished reading.

The man had pleaded guilty to several "rolled-up" charges a week before the trial was scheduled to begin.

These were four counts of rape, one of sexual assault in the third degree, one recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm, one threat to kill, one contravention of a protection order and one possess three grams of ice.

In mitigation on Friday, the man's defence barristerĀ said his client had been active and co-operative in both therapy and rehabilitation while in prison.

He said the man was unable to recall the incident in great clarity, but felt ashamed of what he had done.

A psychiatrist's report had suggested the use of ice could have disinhibited the man's behaviour, which the barrister said did not excuse the crimes, but gave them some context.

He urged the judge to consider a lower non-parole period, in recognition of the man's efforts towards rehabilitation.

"Just as [the woman] needs hope for the future, so does [the man]," the barrister said. "He needs to be able to look to the future without being crushed by the jail sentence."

Prosecutor Trent Hickey told the court the crimes were in the very worst category of offences of this kind and that they had a number of aggravating features.

He said the crimes involved a humiliating and degrading attack on a woman in her own home that was also in contempt of a protection order imposed by a court.

The man threatened to shoot the woman in the face and rape her corpse, he spat on her and punched her in the body and face, causing her to lose teeth, he said.

"There was no rhyme or reason to what he was doing to her," Mr Hickey said of the repeated rapes and assault.

He said the man was an experienced ice user who had self-administered the drug and who should have known the disinhibiting effect the drug would have.

Justice David Mossop will sentence the man on May 26.