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Restricted bar trading key to curb violence: reformer

ACT authorities should look to the Hunter Valley for solutions if they are serious about achieving big reductions in alcohol-fuelled violence, according to one of the architects of liquor regulatory reform in Newcastle.

Tony Brown will address a pre-election forum to be hosted by the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association today.

Mr Brown, a former Canberra resident, lobbied for measures in Newcastle that helped reduce alcohol-related violence by 37 per cent.

He said restricting late-trading by pubs was the key to Newcastle's success and he hoped Canberra would trial similar measures.

''We're not advocating woswerism or nanny states. Everybody should be able to go out and enjoy themselves safely and responsibly,'' he said.

''Canberra's in a great position to show national leadership by adopting the Newcastle conditions as a trial which is independently evaluated after 12 months.

''It has to be a multi-disciplinary approach that involves health people, as well as the police, as well as industry.''

The forum will be attended by Chief Minister and Health Minister Katy Gallagher, Liberals health spokesman Jeremy Hanson and ACT Greens health spokeswoman Amanda Bresnan. 


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