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Roo cull nears target despite protests

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This winter’s ACT kangaroo cull will get close to its revised quota, with figures set to be revealed after the final night’s shooting on Wednesday.

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal approved on July 10 the culling of 1244 kangaroos across seven sites after a legal challenge from animal activists, 211 less than originally approved by the Conservator of Flora and Fauna.

A Territory and Municipal Services spokesman said a small protester presence during the three-week cull had not caused a great disruption.

“The government expects to get relatively close to the cull quota, however the original eight-week period was cut – and we’ve also focused on safety and undertaking it humanely rather than rushing through the quota,” he said.

“It has proceeded largely without incident – while there has been a small protester presence ... there hasn’t been any significant disruptions.”

The spokesman said time had also been lost because of rain on the July 20-21 weekend.

He said the government had historically not put out a running tally on achieved killings.

ACT Parks and Conservation Service director Daniel Iglesias told ABC Radio on Wednesday the professional shooters were getting between 60 and 80 kangaroos a night.