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Roo culling 'delayed': activists

Protesters have accused the government of announcing the controversial kangaroo cull a week before the shooting actually begins, to throw activists off and allow public anger to dissipate before it begins.

The cull of more than 2000 eastern grey kangaroos across nine ACT nature reserves was due to begin on Tuesday night.

But animal welfare groups, vehemently opposed to the cull, have claimed the shooting had not started yesterday.

Campaigner Carolyn Drew and other activists have been monitoring the situation at the reserves.

The Territory and Municipal Services Directorate did not respond to the claims yesterday.

A spokesman said details of where, when or how the culling would occur would not be released, for reasons of public safety and to allow the operation to be conducted effectively.

Fewer animals will be culled compared to last year, but it will still cost $215,000. 


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