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Roth brings his NY chic to Canberra's brides

What do brides really want to be? Exquisite? An image of regal chic like Kate Middleton?

New York bridal fashion designer Henry Roth finds they want only to be themselves.

''They don't want to be meringues on top of the cookie-cutter cake,'' he said.

''Wedding gowns used to be this squeaky polyester you heard three metres away. It was very much like a costume.

''Now, it's about fashion, personality, individuality. That is what makes it exciting and invigorating.''

Roth, best known for roles as a Project Runway Australia mentor and the makeover man on reality TV show Beauty and the Geek, is coming to Canberra to work his magic on local brides.


He will be at White Doves Bridal Boutique in Fyshwick on Wednesday to promote his latest collection and consult with the betrothed on every possible aspect of their ideal gown, accessories, palette and so on.

He'll also be part of what he calls ''Project Wedding Dress''.

The initiative involves five discontinued gowns given to Canberra Institute of Technology students who will reconstruct them into dream dresses with a touch of individuality. These gowns will be auctioned with proceeds to the charity Ronald McDonald House Canberra. Roth will choose a winning design and award a prize.

He said the most common problem for brides was a stress overload.

''Remember, it's not all about you,'' he said.

''There's love and that's what it's all about. Delegate, get help, listen to your inner voice. Together with your partner you are creating the pillars of your future chapters.''

On Beauty and the Geek he remoulds the image of the ''geeks'' so they wind up more chic. He worked on geek Helen Arnold, of Yarralumla, a statistician he hails as ''gorgeous, an awesome girl''.

For Roth, makeovers were ''a huge responsibility'' and very much about the inside as well as the external.

''There can be fashion snobbery; I don't tolerate it. I like to go from the inside out and touch these guys in their soul …''

Meet Henry Roth at White Doves Bridal Boutique in Fyshwick on Wednesday from 6.30pm-9.30pm. To RSVP call 6239 2663 The charity auction runs from August 15-22 via