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Salvos issue appeal for ranks of knockers

The ACT Salvation Army wants you.

The Salvos launched their annual Red Shield Appeal in Canberra yesterday but before the event can begin, they need to raise a force of 2500 volunteers.

The charity hopes to raise about $240,000 in the capital when the volunteers take to the street on May 19 and 20 as part of a $10 million national fundraising effort.

The launch, complete with Red Shield Appeal flags lining Commonwealth Avenue's median strip, was conducted by former Australian Army Chief Peter Leahy and attended by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and Olympian Sally Foster.

Captain Dale Murray, the Salvation Army's NSW and ACT Appeals Director, said the flags, which are also flying on Kings Avenue were a bid to encourage passing motorists to make a donation or turn out to volunteer, or both. But Captain Murray said the door knocking effort was well short of a full complement of volunteers.

''Canberrans are generous but this year we're little bit short of volunteer collectors and I'm a little concerned about that,'' Captain Murray said.


''So we're hoping that people can come out and volunteer their time for a couple of hours and help collect donations.

''We'll need about 3000 to cover Canberra and at the moment we're at less than 500 so there really is a bit of a lull there.''

The officer, who is organising his third Canberra Red Shield Appeal, said he was confident that Canberrans would dig deep.

''The community are generous right around Australia, this is a great community, Canberra, the people are friendly and they are generous,'' he said.

The charity's activities in the territory include assistance to individuals and families, drug and alcohol services, relationship, personal and financial counselling and aged care services.

For more information or to inquire about volunteering, call 13 72 58 or go to