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Severe thunderstorm warning cancelled for Canberra

Canberrans were being warned to brace for a severe thunderstorm, however the weather warning has now been cancelled.

Heavy rain and potential hail larger than the size of a 10 cent piece was expected to hit the capital region, however the storm cell passed to the east of the ACT.

Earlier in the day, Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Christopher Webb one weather station east of Goulburn township had recorded 54mm of rain in the last few hours. He said the Bureau expected the same storm to pass over Canberra.

A spokeswoman for BOM said a severe but very brief storm cell hit to the east of the city. She said Canberra should not expect to see any more thunderstorms this evening, aside from a light shower. 

The rest of the long weekend looked fairly clear, with the chance of showers in the morning on Sunday, becoming clearer in the afternoon with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees celcius.

It is expected to cool down again for the Australia Day public holiday on Monday, with a top temperature of 22 degrees. Some light showers are also expected.