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Sheep on the loose after truck crash

Runaway sheep caused havoc in Campbell when a semi-trailer carrying the livestock crashed.

Sheep were left roaming the area after the truck overturned on the corner of Northcott Drive and Fairbairn Avenue just before 4pm.

There were about 500 animals on board the livestock truck when it crashed. 

About 165 sheep were killed, either in the accident or later euthanized by the ACT government vet, and it took several hours to round up the rest. About 300 were later taken to Wagga Wagga.

ACT Fire and Rescue and the ACT Ambulance Service rescued the surviving sheep from the overturned truck.

The intersection was closed for some time, and an ACT policing spokesman said traffic was diverted from Fairbairn Avenue at the roundabout in front of the Australian War Memorial.

He said the driver of the semi-trailer had minor injuries.

A TAMS spokesperson asked that any one who spotted "errant sheep" should call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.