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Shhhhh - A public service job that's so good, it must be kept quiet

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One of Canberra’s parliamentary departments has a job vacancy that's so good, it doesn't want to tell the rest of the Australian Public Service about it.

The Department of the House of Representatives was looking to fill the plum post of international relations director, an executive level 2 job with a salary of up to $130,000, plenty of networking opportunities and even a spot of foreign travel.

But staffers outside that department need not apply for the job that has been "lurking" on the Department of Parliamentary Services intranet for the past two weeks and closed for applications last week.

Insiders say they were surprised the job was not opened up to the broader service as several thousand senior bureaucrats having taken redundancies in the past 18 months.

A spokeswoman for the Public Service Commission confirmed there were more than 400 public servants out of a job but still employed by the government, who were languishing on the commission’s “redeployment register”.


"The APS redeployment register currently has 410 employees who wish to be considered for other employment opportunities," she said.

"The commission encourages employees to register on the APS redeployment register to increase their prospects of finding employment, and not rely solely on their agency's internal procedures."

A smaller group of displaced senior executives are also casting around for a redeployment, but details of this group are "confidential", the spokeswoman says.

But she confirmed that the Department of the House of Representatives did not need to advertise its international engagement job if it do not want to.

The department’s Claressa Surtees had some bad news for hopefuls this week: the job was filled just days after applications closed.  

"Yes the department has recently filled a director's job for the International and Parliamentary Relations Office," Ms Surtees said.

"The position was only available to staff within the department."