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Shots fired at Fyshwick strip club

Shots were fired during a brawl at a Fyshwick strip club recently, police say.

Police were called to an early morning disturbance at the Capital Men's Club on April 15.

A fight reportedly began inside the strip club, and had continued in the car park outside.

Initial inquiries by police did not suggest that a gun was discharged during the disturbance.

But forensic investigators were sent back to the scene yesterday, after fresh information was received by the public.

Police found shell fragments in the car park and now believe that shots were fired at the ground during the disturbance.


No one is believed to have been injured.

Detectives say they don't believe there is any involvement by the Rebels, and say they don't believe there is any relation to the spate of shootings in the ongoing bikie turf war in Sydney.

Police are examining CCTV footage from the strip club, which opened last year.

They say they have identified a number of persons of interest, but no arrests have yet been made.

The Canberra Times contacted police the day after the incident with reports that shots were fired.