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Southside vs Northside 'war' hijacks Wikipedia

Hipsters, public servants and a lone window-washer reportedly fought valiantly in Canberra's 2013 War of "Indiependence".

South Canberra has triumphed over the northside and won the war of “Indiependence” according to Wikipedia.

Hipsters, public servants and a lone window-washer fought valiantly in the “2013 War of Indiependence [sic]” according to North Canberra’s Wikipedia page on Tuesday.

The page was creatively edited to include a fictional and entertaining account of Canberra’s civil war.

“The initial battle – between Braddon and the Inner South – saw many hipsters, public servant and a lone, heroic window-washer lose their lives in the Northern fight for freedom,” the page stated.

“What followed were many long months of attrition (including the famous Garema Place Public Art Heist by the South), finally culminating in a brutal defeat for the North after the external forces of Queanbeyan and Fyshwick joined forces with the Southerners following the aptly named Treaty of Bogan-Harlotry.”

While the “Northerners” reportedly lost the battle, “they remain strong on the other side of Lake Burly Griffin, strengthening their resolve with only one thought: The North Remembers.”

Don’t be disheartened Northerners –for what you lack in leafy, exclusive suburbs and roundabouts, you make up for it with hipster Mecca – Lonsdale Street, Zara and the soon to be opened Jamie’s Italian, oh, and friendly window washers.

The “2013 War of Indiependence” entry has since been removed from the North Canberra Wiki page.


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