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Steampunk wedding at Canberra TARDIS 'most undignified'

In the capital's second wedding involving a TARDIS, a Canberra couple tied the knot near another faux Dr Who-themed time machine on Saturday at Red Hill.

Jonathan and Jennie Garland, mad Whovians, got engaged in late August, around the same time they found out about the Red Hill TARDIS.

"The story [in The Canberra Times] about the TARDIS appearing was when we'd only been engaged for a few days, and being big Dr Who fans we immediately had a look and decided on it almost immediately," Mr Garland said.

ACTEW Water utility boxes were painted to save the cost of cleaning up graffiti, with the added aesthetic boon for locals.

"We didn't want a big complicated wedding, and we are both fans of the steampunk aesthetic, so we thought rather than getting into formal gear, we'd have a bit of fun and play dress up for the day," Mr Garland said.

The couple are into the steampunk aesthetic, which characterises the long running series, so asked their friends to follow their sartorial lead.


"Jennie and I live in Queanbeyan, and we caught the bus to Manuka, and when we were actually on the ridge performing the ceremony, we had joggers and walkers going past, so it was nice to be noticed," Mr Garland joked.

Mr Garland said it was a "the opposite of a dignified ceremony" something they hammed up by encouraging "as much audience participation" as possible.

"For example, the order of vows was decided by rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, and I threw out Minties for those who threw out pop culture references, and our witness for signing the register was decided by quiz," Mr Garland said.

And there was no time for their families to be scandalised.

"We stopped the ceremony at one point so I could ring my parents and she could ring her brother and tell them that it happened," Mr Garland said.

The artist behind the TARDIS, Geoff Filmer from Graffik Paint, said he thought the idea for the wedding was fantastic and was excited "it has taken on a life of its own since the creation some months ago".

A public servant, Mr Garland has been in Canberra for 16 years and met the new Mrs Garland a few weeks after she moved to Canberra six years ago. They have been together ever since. 

On August 31 2013, Canberra Doctor Who fans, Roland and Bev Inman, took their wedding pictures at the TARDIS replica in the village of Hall just outside Canberra.