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Stuart Flats shooting-accused denied bail

A man accused of firing a sawn-off shotgun through a lounge room window has lost his fourth bid for release, despite warning that prison was ''not the Garden of Eden'' and was hindering his attempts to rehabilitate.

Jayke Fleury, 27, is charged with discharging a 12-gauge shotgun through the lounge room window of a Stuart Flats unit in late February.

A man was sleeping on a mattress in the lounge room at the time, according to police, but he was not harmed.

The incident took place about four hours after a fight between Mr Fleury and the complainant, the court heard.

Mr Fleury represented himself to make his fourth bail application in just over a month on Tuesday.

He argued that his pleas of not guilty to two charges, entered last week, and the complainant's change of address brought about enough new circumstances to warrant the fourth bail application.


Mr Fleury said that keeping him at the Alexander Maconochie Centre was hurting his attempts to turn his life around. ''Jail is not the Garden of Eden, your honour, it's not a nice place,'' he said.

Mr Fleury said he had made significant progress in rehabilitation over the past two years.

And he said the prosecution's concerns - that he was a risk to the complainant and a risk of not appearing in court - could be managed through strict bail conditions and a surety.

The court heard that more threats had been made against the complainant while Mr Fleury was in custody. The prosecution said the complainant still feared for his life, and believed that Mr Fleury knew his new address. Mr Fleury was also facing internal charges for behaviour in the AMC, the court heard.

Magistrate David Mossop refused bail, but said it was not a decision he relished. He said Mr Fleury had presented his case for release ''articulately and cogently'', but he was not satisfied that strict bail conditions could manage the risk of the accused harassing the complainant.

The court heard the prosecution had a strong case against Mr Fleury for unlawfully possessing the shotgun, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment.

A shotgun matching the offending weapon was found hidden in Mr Fleury's roof, the court heard. Mr Fleury will be back in court on May 9.